How does One Stop Auto Wholesalers get our Wholesale Car Dealer’s License?

Our facility of offices is approved by the Indiana
Secretary of State to fulfill the physical office and address requirement necessary for Wholesale Car Dealers. We lease you a state compliant office, where your dealer’s license and other required
documents will be posted. We assist you in accurately completing all initial forms and we file all the necessary paperwork required on your behalf; and within weeks you can be in business.

Is this my own Dealer License or am I a member of a dealership?

This is your OWN license and can be used at your discretion
within Indiana regulations.

Why do I need a Wholesale Car Dealer’s License?

Every state has a limit on how many cars you can sell
per year. This license allows you to buy and sell as many cars as you want. You also receive two (2) dealer plates and never have to worry about doing plate transfers again, making car buying and
selling more convenient and more profitable.

Why do Auto Exporters need a Wholesale Car Dealer’s License?

Auto Exporters need a wholesale car dealer’s
license so they can gain access to dealer only auctions and not pay sales tax; to help maximize profits.

What are the requirements to get my Wholesale Car Dealer’s License?

Indiana Secretary of State requires compliant Indiana
address*, valid Social Security Number, NUMI report verifying the SSN (requested by you, at your local Social Security Office), Valid Certificate of Insurance*, Surety Bond*, Federal EIN*, and Indiana
Retail Merchant Certificate*.

*Items we assist you in acquiring.

How long does it take to receive my Wholesale Car Dealer’s License?

From start to finish the process is approximately four
(4) to six (6) weeks. That may vary based upon your ability to provide us with accurate information to complete all necessary forms, a signed lease and payment. In addition, you must attend one (1)
State mandated meeting for approximately one (1) hour with the Indiana State Compliance Officer.

What is included when we sign up with One Stop Auto Wholesalers?

You will receive your own office suite and our assistance
in acquiring the following: two (2) Dealer plates issued by the State of Indiana, your Dealer’s License issued by the State of Indiana, a Registered Retail Merchant Certificate issued by the
State of Indiana, and Federal EIN.

Can I sell to other car dealers
or to someone out of the country with a wholesale car dealer’s license?


Can I cancel at any time?

No, simply because you are signing a one (1) year lease
agreement with One Stop Auto Wholesalers and the Indiana Secretary of State requires you have a current and valid lease for the duration of your license.
if I don’t pay Office rent?

Upon notification, the Indiana Secretary of State will
suspend your dealer plates and require them to be returned immediately. Your suspended license will cause suspension of your auction access.