RUMOR – Indiana Wholesalers Going Out of Business!

People are calling and coming in and the first thing they’re telling us is that they heard Indiana wholesalers are all going to be shut down by the end of the year. THIS IS FALSE. These are rumors and misinformation. We are trying to keep you informed.

What did happen is in July and September there were rulings passed where they have cracked down on wholesalers. Do not panic. There are regulations in place to make sure you conduct your business in a legal manner. For example, you now have to keep records in your office in a file cabinet. You have to have an office you can use, an office with utilities. It has to be an office within a commutable distance to your home. Commutable is within 30 – 50 miles from your home. These are the things that the secretary of state is enforcing. Your office is your place of business! If you have an office more than 50 miles from your home – you may not be able to maintain your license there much longer. If this is an issue, please call us, you may have other options.

Our offices here at 1900 Hart Street in Dyer are just footsteps away from the Illinois border and the Dyer Auto Auction. Close to highways. We are the closest wholesale dealer office to the Illinois border. We have the prime location!

Be careful of other locations that you may choose to make your place of business. Have you visited your prospective office? Some places do not have utilities. Some do not meet size or signage requirements. There ARE horror stories of what is trying to be passed as an office. Once client transferred to us after he went and finally visited his location and realized it was in a storage facility.

Your office is furnished with a desk and chairs and just waiting for you to make it your new place of business. We have a business area with office machines you can use; copies, fax, postage, and Wi-Fi.

New wholesale dealer plates are being issued and will be regulated. New dealers will be audited within the first 120 days of being licensed. Do you know what an audit entails? There are new changes, and we keep informed. Come visit us at 1900 Hart Street in Dyer. We want you to be a part of our growing wholesale family!


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